Know - How to Do
Range Based Scanning?

Range Based Scan Feature BKF Recovery Tool has added the feature of "Range Based Scan" in the BKF Repair software. This feature is greatly helpful in the recovery of large sized BKF files. You can quickly do range based scan of a large sized BKF file if you need only a small amount of data from it. Recovery of data from large sized BKF files takes a very long time and when you need only some portion of the file, range based scan is useful to recover a small percentage of data.

How to Use Range Based Scan Feature in BKF Repair Tool?

1. Click on the “Actions” menu present on the toolbar. Select "Scan file" option from the drop down menu as shown in the below screenshot:

Screens of BKF Repair

2. When you click Range Based Scan, a window will appear as shown below:

Range Based

You can put any value for range based scan.

What is this value? This value is the percentage of data from start value to end value that you wish to extract from the large sized BKF file. (For example – if you put 20% to 80% and insert the value as from 20% and as to 80% in the above Window, then you will be able to recover only from 20% to 80% of data from the selected BKF file.

3. After Range Based Scan completes, you can see the preview of selected files as shown in the following screenshot: