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A very simple and efficient bkf file repair tool that will do the work in a few minutes. A 241 GB bkf file catalog in least than 5 minutes and did recover data impressively fast. A must have just in case!

Dino Mitheirico Portugal

I can't tell you how many other programs I've tried off of from CNET's over the past 24 hours. Almost ready to scream and gave up all hope then I found BKF Repair on a Google search.

I was able to recover all of the documents, files, images, pictures from my badly corrupted or you can say from my broken BKF file. Your product was much easier to use then the others and sure got the job done."

Hojkle Sahhtlper Netherlands

Thank you for this product! I've been jonesing for a couple of weeks. I did the Microsoft NT BAK file download and was able to transfer one file after 5 hours of attempts. It was extremely frustrating

You software had me up and running in 12 minutes. I will recommend your bkf recovery product (and already have) to my friends. I would highly advertise Windows XP to Windows Vista BAK files solutions. Awesome, and thank you!

Athena Krigs Germany

Had explored a number of Windows Backup Recovery tools due to losing a large sized BKF file as it wholly got corrupted on tuesday. Installed BKF Repair as you focussed on unlmited size of corrupt BKF file, run BKF Repair, and it was a success! We successfully recovered close to 6000 files! Pictures came out just fine as well as Excel, Access, PDF, and others. Highly recommend this product. I've tried This is it!

Geogge Happhel SysTem Analyst

I have used this product on many friends computers with a "failed or corrupt BKF file" and it has performed 100%. Thanks for the great customer service.

Impressive support and technically sound people. Quick and to the point answers for my queries.

Kelli Dorspanm New York