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BKF Recovery Tool - MS Backup Recovery

BKF Repair is the most powerful bkf file recovery tool to open, extract or search files from corrupt MS Backup BKF file created by Windows NTBackup tool.

  • Extract BKF File
    Extract your pictures, images, document files from BKF file.
  • Search BKF File
    Search for particular file from BKF file such as pictures, images and document files.
  • Open BKF File
    Open BKF file using BKF file repair software.
  • Range Based Scan
    Extract only a small portion from any large sized BKF file.
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Windows Backup BKF Recovery Tool to Repair Corrupt BKF File

BKF Repair software serves as bkf recovery tool to explore files in bkf & repair bkf file created using NTBackup.exe, Veritas Backup Exec or any other backup utility. BKF file repair tool will easily recover pictures, images, email files, music files, exchange email mailbox files, document files etc from corrupt BKF file which has corrupted due to unexpected backup interruption, corruption of a hard drive, Windows backup software malfunction, unexpected system shutdown, virus or trojan infection or system software failure.

BKF Repair Tool is Feature Rich Software, Offers Following Features:

  • Easy User Interface
    Advanced BKF file repair tool Built with easy user interface so that even a novice may use the software confidently. Quickly sort found files by name, size or type.
  • Extract & Search Required Files and Folders
    BKF file repair software unpacks bkf file & allows quick extraction of a file or a folder from damaged bkf and also offers file search option to search specific files within BKF file and folders from corrupt BKF files. Users can search files using search option with wild card search options.
  • Restore Files MetaData
    Software restores original file creation dates of extracted files
    (Useful for Litigation, e-Discovery & Forensic experts)
  • Repair Corrupt BKF Files Showing Errors
    Best Windows backup BKF recovery tool to fix corrupt bkf files showing errors like:

    1. "The backup file is unusable. You must erase it, or choose another file".
    2. "The fixed media is full. You cannot back up all of the specified data to this disk device. The backup operation will stop".
    3. "The backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used".
    4. "An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media".
  • Repair BKF Files of Unlimited Size
    Repair corrupt MS Backup files of unlimited size. Software do not limits to a limited size.
  • View Content of Files
    View content of files before saving files, so as to ensure integrity of files.
  • Range Based Scanning
    Select Range Based Scanning option to recover limited portion from BKF archives.
  • Runs Smoothly with All Version of Windows
    Software runs smoothly with all Windows Operating System.

BKF Recovery Software ­ A Convenient Solution to Perform BKF File Repair Process

BKF Repair combines simplicity of use with the most powerful bkf file recovery software engine, together with a unique capability of "Previewing" content of files to judge the integrity of files. Quickly unpack bkf file which gets damaged and fails to extract due to bkf data corruption.

BKF Repair is versatile Windows NT Backup Restore Utility to fix bkf & repair corrupt MS Backup (BKF file) as well as lets users to extract files and folders from BKF file, to search for a particular file from BKF file. BKF file repair is bkf reader tool as it opens BKF file in Windows explorer like interface with hierarchy of folders.

BKF Repair is fast and easy. No technical or software skills are required to perform BKF file repair process. Use BKF Repair to perform BKF file recovery, or if you are trying to extract bkf, search bkf files and folders or to open bkf file. It is easy Windows backup recovery software to explore bkf files & recover files from corrupt BKF file.

Our organization added advanced features in MS BKF recovery software which is "Deep Scan" & "Quick Scan" Deep Scan feature helps to recover BKF data with deep scanning and other Quick scan feature to recover data in only 1 phase scanning. Also know more about How to Restore XP Backup in Windows 7?

Do not waste time, money & risk your bkf file data on other ms backup recovery utility wondering if you can recover files, images or pictures from BKF files. Download & Try BKF Repair Software FREE. Load your corrupt BKF file and view content of files and folders then extract files from corrupt BKF file using BKF Repair.




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BKF Recovery Tool

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Client Reviews

"A very simple and efficient bkf file repair tool that will do the work in a few minutes. A 241 GB bkf file catalog in least than 5 minutes and did recover data impressively fast. A must have just in case!"

­ Dino Mitheirico, Portugal
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