Open BKF Files

Quickly open healthy or corrupt backup(.bkf) file with few steps!

  • Start BKF Repair. Go to Start » Programs » BKF Repair. Open BKF Repair, start-up screen appear as follows:

  • BKF Recovery


  • Select one option between "Quick Scan", "Deep Scan" and "Range Based Scan" to quickly open corrupt BKF file and explore bkf file contents.

    Restore BKF File


  • BKF Repair start loading all files and folders from corrupt BKF file in Windows explorer like structure as shown below:

  • Select Corrupt BKF File


  • Scanning BKF file will be proceed as shown below with the complete status message

  • Process of BKF File


  • After successfully loading the corrupt BKF file, you can view files & explore files in BKF file, search bkf , or you can extract bkf files from corrupt BKF files.

  • BKF Repair Tool


  • After this, you can select the destination location to extract the file by browsing and click extract to save the file.

  • Extract BKF File