Restore Windows Laptop Backup Data

Restore Laptop Backup Data while Upgrading from XP to Windows 7 / 8 / 10

The very need to restore laptop backup data arises in various conditions to safeguard or preserve old data from being lost. Such requirements may occur in following circumstances:

  • When Operating System is been upgraded (say XP to Windows 7/8/10)
  • When laptop or computer is set to factory settings.
  • A hardware or Software conflict leads to reinstalling Windows.

There are many other reasons as well that requires restoring backup (.BKF) files that includes upgrading laptop or computer hardware components, upgrading entire computer system, transferring data from one system to another, etc.

However restoring backup is quite an easier task that does not require any expertise but the situation becomes critical when the backup files gets corrupted and original files are not available or gets deleted permanently (may be knowingly or accidentally).

Are You Facing the Same Situation? Read Further for Solution

If you are facing the same situation, we have a solution that will help you repair corrupt backup data from laptop. Since backup files are an important component that contains replica of original files, so it becomes an essential task to repair these files to continue functionality, especially in the absence of original files. Although Microsoft has provided powerful built-in tools for backup data but there are no such provisions available that would help in recovering backup files if they gets corrupted.

But through our efficient commercial medium you can easily and quickly recover data from corrupt XP backup files and restore them back on Windows 7/8.1 or 10 machines. The tool is well programmed to extract data via executing scans on damaged BKF files while maintaining their actual structure; formatting and integrity.

Supplementary Benefits of Laptop Backup Restore Tool

The backup recovery tool known as BKF Repair delivers various benefit while recovering and restoring BKF files back on machine. These benefits include:

  • Distinct scan modes i.e., Quick, Deep & Range-based for quicker recovery.
  • Original files do not get affected when tool executes them to extract data.
  • Large backup files can also be recovered without affecting any of its components.
  • Possess accurate output and offers to save resultant files at desired location.

Apart from these, the tool derives many exceptional benefits when you restore laptop backup data on any other system running any version of Windows OS using the tool.

Opt for Demo & Licensed Version:

For the convenience of users the trial version is programmed in such a way so that users get clear understanding about the performance and functional parameters of the product. This version will offer you to preview all recovered data in tool panel but it does not allow saving recovered backup files.

However, the licensed or full version of the tool will help you recover & restore data from XP backup to Windows 7 & all other Operating Systems as it supports all Windows versions. So once you get completely satisfied with the demo version, you can proceed forward to buy its full version.