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Encountering Error While Opening ODT File? ODT Recovery

Have you been using OpenOffice Writer for creating crucial company's documents; for writing applications; for making your resume; and for other such activities? Are you now facing a problem where you try to open an ODT file of your OpenOffice Writer application and what you see on your screen is not your file but an error message?

Corrupted ODT Files Show Errors: Just like any other computer data file, ODT files of OpenOffice Writer application are also prone to corruption, which mostly happens suddenly due to various unavoidable reasons. If you attempt to open corrupted ODT files, you encounter error messages on your screen. Some common error messages that you are most likely to encounter are as follows:

  • General Input/Output Error
  • The file could not be repaired therefore cannot be opened
  • The file is corrupt and therefore cannot be reopened. Should OpenOffice.org repair the file?

ODT File Recovery Tool : It is possible to perform ODT recovery after any type of above mentioned or any other error encountered using a comprehensive third-party tool that works in all types of corruption cases. One such tool is Open Office Writer Recovery software, which can help you recover ODT file easily and effortlessly. Using ODT file recovery tool, you can comfortably repair corrupt ODT file. After the process, the open office writer reader tool will form healthy ODT files, which will not show any error while opening. This way you can easily perform Open Office Writer file recovery software and thus remove ODT file corruption issue.