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Master.MDF Recovery Tool - Recover SQL Server Master Database

The MS SQL Server has different database file, and every database file is important part of SQL server, like TEMPDB, Master database these are few of them. And most important SQL Server Database file is Master Database file and its extension is .MDF.


The Master Database contains information about login accounts, file allocation, linked server, disk space, and system configuration settings etc. Master database is very important part of SQL Server so SQL Server cannot start if the master database is unavailable.


If the master database is damaged, then absolutely others also do have the harms and therefore the need of Master.MDF Recovery Tool comes to an instant.

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Common Master.MDF Database corruption errors

  • Cannot Open User Default Database, Login Failed Microsoft SQL Server, Error 4064 – if your master database file got damaged then SQL Server shows this type of error.
  • Create database  permission denied in database ‘Master’ (MS SQL Server, Error 262)
  • SQL03006 Error: User [.] has an unresolved reference to Login [.]

How to Restore Master Database

If master database got damaged then you can perform Master.MDF Recovery with the help of SQL Server Recovery Toolbox. Restoring Master database is called Rebuilding; if you cannot recover SQL server master.mdf then you can choose SQL Server Recovery Toolbox or Master.MDF Recovery Tool of our organization which can rebuild master database from master.mdf.

Try FREE SQL Server Recovery Toolbox

You can try Free Demo version of SQL Recovery Toolbox. Demo version only shows preview of recoverable master database file or any object like Table, view, index, procedure, trigger etc.

SQL Server Database Recovery Toolbox

You can call it Master.MDF Recovery Tool also which can rebuild master database from master.mdf without any modification on SQL Server master.mdf file database. SQL Server Recovery Toolbox is very supportive for Rebuilding SQL Server System database. This tool contains advanced algorithms for SQL Recovery. So SQL Recovery Toolbox is advanced tool that can Repair SQL database objects or Master database file. SQL Server Recovery Toolbox simply recovers SQL Server System files and Rebuild Master Database without any error.

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