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Latest Backup Recovery Tool

BKF recovery software is a latest backup recovery solution, a creation by offers a great sigh of relief by recovering corrupted backup files without losing any single file from it. This backup recovery management tool assists user by recovering and restoring basic VERITAS backup file (without compression) also. It allows users to recover large amount of backup database into different small portion. Once the scanning process is completed, you can extract the entire database or single from recovered items easily and quickly.

Need Help in Recovering Backup File? Get Latest Backup Recovery Tool

Latest Features of Backup Recovery Tool :-

  • Range Based Scan (Newly added feature) : Now, the recovery of only required backup contents has become possible with this grand feature which is recently added. Take a trial of this feature by downloading demo version of this product.
  • Quick and Deep Scan (Quick and Complete Recovery) : If your backup file has low corruption then use Quick scan feature, other use Deep Scan for heavily corrupted backup files.
  • Save and Load Scan : These two features are time saving, our organization added these feature for saving and loading scanned database.

Every computer user always uses backup utility to keep their data in a safe and secure place. But sometimes, the files you have stored in backup (.bkf file format) get corrupted and show some error message while you restore it. In such cases, user always prefers to use the latest backup recovery tool to recover backup file. Because this is only the way that easily takes back the corrupted files and folders in an appropriate manner.

Know How to Recover Backup File using Backup Recovery Tool

Computer users always use backup utility & have save crucial database in .bkf file format so that they can recover their backup items at the time of need. Items like PPT slides, Spreadsheet, MS Word document, Zip & other compressed files, Software/Games/Music files & many more. Managing & securing system database in a well mannered way is a hard job in current busy schedule. So, users are going towards backup utility & backup recovery tool.