Gmail Backup Process

Get Gmail Backup Software And Make Your Data More Secure

Suppose you wake in the morning and you have the news flashing that there is a temporary termination of Google Gmail services for a few hours! One can easily make it out, what would be the first thing that will come to your mind, what about my emails? And without bothering of any other thing you will look after for a way to access them. Well, this situation seems a little fictitious but the Google outages in the past have made this a reality. Remember its technology ...

So, complete dependency on a cloud based service is not a wise idea. This is the reason why people who use Gmail, for email sharing always take the backup of their data and so they are ready to fight with any trouble.

Save Gmail Emails As PST/MBOX/EML To Hard Drive For Foolproof Help

Our Gmail Backup software is a proficient tool to take backup of complete Gmail emails as PST or EML format and save Gmail emails to hard drive. Along with the facility to migrate backup Gmail to PST you can avail the benefits that PST offers; yes the opportunity to open emails in MS Outlook.

At the same time the tool also gives an option to take backup of emails and convert to EML file format. So, you can choose the convenient option as per the selection of PST or EML supportive email clients.

Advantage of Converting Gmail Emails to PST/MBOX/EML

Unlike Gmail, emails in PST can be opened even with a weak/no internet connection. So with convert Gmail to PST option, you can save it anywhere on your computer system.

Contrasting cloud based service whose work depends on internet connection; PST Outlook always has the saved data. So even if you don’t have network connection, you can check your important saved emails.

EML file format is supportive in various email clients like Outlook Express, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird etc.