BKF Recovery Tool Box

Windows Backup Recovery in Advanced Mode!

Free Download BKF Repair Software in case of Backup File Corruption issues. Use Demo Version of this tool and display the whole preview of BKF files, but not save them.

Backup File Recovery Software

  • Go to Start >> Run
  • Type NTbackup.exe
  • Click “OK”
  • Click the “Advanced Mode” hyperlink
  • Click the “Backup” tab (Use the Backup tab for selecting the files you wish to back up and the path where you want to store the backup files)
  • Click the “Browse” button for selecting a location different than the default location (of the floppy disk drive). On clicking “Browse”, a dialog box will be displayed, which will prompt you to insert a disk into drive A. You have to click the “Cancel” button. Double click the “My Computer” icon. Then, double click “Local disk (C)”. After that, double-click the “MyBackup” icon and lastly, click the “Save” button
  • Type ‘Backup’ the “File name” field
  • Click the “Save” button

Configure a Backup Schedule

  • Click the “Start Backup” button in order to get the “Backup Job Information” dialog displayed.
  • Click the “Schedule” button
  • When the system prompts you to save your backup, click the “Yes” button
  • Type ‘Backup’ in the “File name” field
  • Click the “Save” button
  • Type and confirm the password for your Windows XP user account
  • After you have successfully typed your Windows XP user account password, the “Scheduled Job Options” dialog box will be displayed
  • Type the “MyBackup” in the “Job name” field
  • Click the “Properties” button for opening the “Schedule Job” dialog box
  • Select appropriate option from the “Schedule Task” drop down list. If “Mon” is selected, then backup job will run every Monday at specified time
  • Click “OK” to close the “Schedule Job” dialog and click the Close (x) button for closing the Backup Utility